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Apparently all these awesome vidders keep making all these awesome vids for my pairings/OTPs.

This one is especially gorgeous and heartaching and lovely and matter how the show ended, (*rme*) this was what mattered to me.

All of Me by oktoberskies

I can't even. *sigh*

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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I don't even have the words for this video. I cried.

Just. Watch.

Please leave feedback at dunyaxa's Channel.
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Guys, I may be done. Everything except the few things I'll be using until Sunday are packed. Yaaaaaay! Of course, now I have to clean... Blech.

But hey! Packed! \O/!


I've been meaning to rec this for a while. Another vid by [ profile] wouldbedorothy, this one a Brian/Justin Season 1 focused vid. It's so lovely and just heartbreaking in the best sense. The end just KILLS. I love when vids have crazy effects and are just insane but I think my favorites are like this one: quiet, clean and simple. Take a look and leave her some love for it.

Love is A Battlefield (cover by Jann Arden) - (Queer As Folk: USA)
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Brian/Justin

freakykat: (omgawesome) BFF [ profile] wouldbedorothy makes it all better.

She's been talking about making this video forever and I've been looking forward to it! It did not let me down!

Never Tear Us Apart - (Queer As Folk: USA)
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Brian/Justin (couple), Brian/Michael (friendship), Justin/Michael (friendship)

Nothing but ♥ and ♥ and ♥ for this!
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Vid: I Wish The Best For You (Ted/Blake, relationship) by Elizabeth & Jennifer.

Summary: Takes you from the beginning through to the very end of Ted/Blake. It's beautifully colored, the pacing is fabulous and the editing sharp. I love all the emotion in this video and it really shows you how it was never loving each other that was the problem.

Download [11.7 MB] Right click & Save

I am apparently on a Scotty kick these days. ::grins::


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