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Technically, I'm reccing this specifically to [ profile] stacey_in_ma just in case she hasn't read it yet and it was recced to me by [ profile] indigo_5 because she is made of awesome.

Now I will readily admit that up UNTIL this particular story - and for a new fandom there is a goodly amount out there - I was VERY hesistant to reading anyting NC-17 for, well, Glee, really, lol. (For all it's snarkiness and boldness, I think the show has a really deep core of sweetness/innocence so it makes me reluctant to read smut. I'm weird like that, okay?)

But. Um.


This changed my mind.

So, though it's for a specific person, if you like/love Glee, if you love Kurt and/or if you're a Kurt/Blaine shipper, this is a MUST.

Five Times Blaine was Kurt's First and One Time They Were Each Others' by [ profile] guest_age
Fanfiction|NC-17|First Time|Kurt/Blaine|5,555 words
Summary: Exactly what it says on the tin. Written for a prompt at [ profile] glee_kink_meme, the gist of which boiled down to: "The chronicling of Kurt's and Blaine's sexual relationship as it grows."

This is ridiculous. The writing just gets you right in the chest and gut. The characterization for Kurt is spot on. I think she did an amazing job of building up the relationship with each section. It's really very lovely.

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Still skeezed out by the flying roach...*shudder* Goddamn California. Srsly. So, trying to keep my mind off that I figured it's been awhile so...

Anyway, I have come bearing recs since I have no, you know, fic to share yet. *grins*

At Last by [ profile] sexy_pumpkin - Our very own wonderful fan girl has written her first and I hope NOT her last fic. It’s all kinds of lovely with POV’s from both Brian and Justin. Set 10 years after the end of series and everything a fan could want of a story. Go read and give much love.

Good Hands by [ profile] jans_intentions: Jan is one of the most prolific writers I know. What sets her apart from so many others is that everything she writes is ALWAYS good. Whether it’s a fandom you love or something you’ve never really read. This new fic, which isn’t new anymore but to me it still is, takes place in AU world where 17 year old Justin meets Brian, a contractor working on Justin’s family new house. There’s a supernatural aspect to the story, star-crossed lovers, lots of hotness and sweetness. It’s just all kinds of fabulous. READ!!!

More to come...
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Yes. I know I said I'd be back with the rest of the recs I had, like two days ago, but I've been rather down so I had to wait for the energy to come back. My lovely partner-in-crime [ profile] wouldbedorothy is working so I'm essentially bored and energized. Good combo to make me do this. So, let's go with that. :)

More Recs )

That's quite a list. I hadn't realized how many I had jotted down. :) Updates...tonite. Gods-willing. I'll have more. I'm in the mood. *shrug*


And last -- all my General Hospital brethren...Text Message Killer )

*mouth still hanging open*

Seriously...GH. Win.
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Pimpage Galore!

[ profile] rromantic had this idea for a challenge that all slash pairings could partake in. It parlayed itself into this new community [ profile] boys4all which caters to all male slash pairings from popular fandoms and even some older ones as well. I took part in the first challenge and it was a blast! Please join to read or take part in the challenges. New challenge is up and we'd LOVE any and all additions.

In the same vein, the ever wonderful [ profile] jans_intentions began a challenge community for the Brian/Justin fandom. The first "Worlds Apart" challenge was a hit and I'm proud to be a part of that. The second challenge has now been issued "The Problem with Brandon." Please go to [ profile] neverenough_bj for more details. The challenge doesn't kick off until March so you still have time! ETA: This community also co-moderated by the lovely [ profile] sahdownyc (See below for more of her genius!) and made pretty by [ profile] furriboots and [ profile] badbadpixie.


Have you read the Gus Dairies yet? If you haven't, you're missing out. I'm still catching up on them myself but they have become a favorite of mine. Written by [ profile] shadownyc, Gus is such a rich and wonderful character in this series. Brian and Justin are funny and loving and still very them. Please go here: The Gus Dairies. Read!

[ profile] jans_intentions has out done herself not once, but twice more. Currently writing two completely different but equally fascinating stories. The first is an AU B/J story that takes place in thrid season (my favorite!) and is indescribable. It's that good. Please go read
Unbearable. Along with that take a look, with an open mind, to her very interesting character piece on Brandon. It's an intriguing view at and into a character I never liked BUT find absolutely real in this story. Check out Noir: Mirage.

That's all for the moment but there will be a part two to this post in just a couple of hours. Just wanted to post a bit of a teaser. *grin*


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