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To make it easier for readers to maneuver and get to the fandom/pairing/story they wanted I decided to post a master fic list. Enjoy reading!


Queer as Folk


Miles From Where You Are (Post 513, Brian/Justin)
Love's Tender Refrain (Post 513, Brian/Justin)
Welcome to Heartbreak (AU Brian/Justin, for [ profile] qafbigbang)

Drowning (Brian POV, Brian/Justin 110)
Wiki-What?!! (Post 513, Brian/Justin, other characters)
Bad Day (Post 513, Brian/Justin)
Inside (Post 513, Brian/Justin)
Recognition (OC POV, Brian/Justin, through and post series)
Scrooged (Brian/Justin, entire cast, post show, Christmas)
Takes Me High (Brian POV, pre and through series)
Sometimes... (Post 513, Ted/Blake)
Chicken Soup Fixes Everything (Season Four, cancer arc, Brian and Debbie)
All That Glitters (Post 513, Emmett/Drew)
For Whatever We Lose (Post 513, Hunter POV)

Works In Progress

It's Only Time (Post 513, Brian/Justin, series)
Indebted (Season Three AU, Brian/Justin)

Gus Series

By Any Other Name (Gus POV, Post 513, Brian/Justin)
Never Did Run Smooth (Gus POV, Post 513, Brian/Justin)
Christmas: Taylor-Kinney Style (Gus POV, Post 513, Brian/Justin)
Lucky (Gus POV, J.R., Alex)
Growing Up Gus (Gus POV, Brian/Justin - prequel to BAON)
More Than Kin, Less Than Kind (Gus POV, Brian/Justin - prequel to BAON)


Light and Shadow (Brian/Justin, 120)
Promise (Brian POV, 202)
Doubt In Your Faith (Justin POV, between S2 - S3)
Truth In Your Lies (Brian POV, Season 2)
Prequel/Sequel Meme (Brian/Justin, Gus)

30 Ballads Challenge (Ensemble, pre S1 - post 513)

Throw it back to you (Prompt 003. Wonderwall by Oasis)
Bleed to know you're alive (Prompt 006. Iris by The Goo-Goo Dolls)
Lay Down The Load That You Carry (Prompt 024. Sanctuary by Jamie O'Neal)
The way your innocence tastes (Alt. Choice 031. Better Than Me by Hinder)

30 Ballads Challenge Table



I Grieve (Ianto POV, Jack/Ianto, post S1)
We Fall Down Every Once In A While (Ianto POV, Jack/Ianto, S2)
Shadow Of The Day (Ianto POV, Jack/Ianto, AU future)
A World In Perfect Imbalance (Jack POV, Jack/Ianto, AU Post S2)
Four Times Ianto Waited (And One Time He Didn't) (Jack POV, Jack/Ianto, AU)


Burns with brusies (Ianto POV, Jack/Ianto)

As The World Turns


What Is Undone (NaNo Fic - Luke/Noah, cast, AU)
Codex: Rush (Noah POV, post WIU)

--First Sentence Challenge--

Winter Wear (Noah POV)
Tomorrow (Luke/Noah POV)
Fearless (Luke/Noah POV)

All The Things We Never Were (Luke/Noah, Luke/Reid, Reid/Chris, Noah/OMC, AU, for [ profile] nukebigbang)


Wrong by [ profile] noelleleithe
Maybe by [ profile] freakykat
Over by [ profile] noelleleithe
Affliction by [ profile] freakykat
Guilt by [ profile] noelleleithe
Closure by [ profile] freakykat
Memory by [ profile] noelleleithe

spinning sideways into place - (Luke/Noah, AU, [ profile] thehayloft holiday fic exchange)
And You Played It To The Beat - (Luke/Noah, Luke/OMC, past Noah/Reid AU for [ profile] nukebigbang co-written with [ profile] frances_veritas)
-- sequel: (if it's love) maybe we'll make it out alive - (Luke/Noah for [ profile] nukebigbang co-written with [ profile] frances_veritas)
Enchantment Passing Through - (Luke/Noah AU for [ profile] nukebigbang co-written with [ profile] jackie_oh)
Illuminated - (Luke/Noah AU for [ profile] nukebigbang co-written with [ profile] carolinablu85 and [ profile] noelleleithe)

Breathe (Noah POV, gapfiller)
Feeling (Luke POV, companion to Letting Go)
Letting Go (Noah POV, companion to Feelings)
Time Changes (Holden POV, future AU fic)
Five Times Noah Is Kissed (And One Time He Isn't) (Noah POV, Noah/Other, Luke/Noah)
Always Yes (Luke/Noah, Future)
there's a fire within my soul - (Luke/Noah College AU, [ profile] schmoop_bingo square: movie night)
along for the ride - (Luke/Noah AU, [ profile] kink_bingo square: voyeurism)
caught in a celluloid jam - (Luke/Noah HS AU, for round one: dress up at [ profile] promptslove)
these here are my desires - for [ profile] luke_noah's challenge #16 (ATWT, Luke/Noah, future fic)
unspoken in silence - for [ profile] kink_bingo prompt: silence (ATWT, Luke/Noah, AU, Mayah B-day fic)
burn like gasoline - (ATWT, Luke/Noah AU from [ profile] dazzling_icer's Twitter prompt)
take this cover up - (ATWT, Luke/Noah post show, fix it)

Works In Progress

Burn My Shadow series

I have burned my tomorrows (ATWT, Chris/Reid, AU)
And I stand inside today (ATWT, Luke/Noah, AU)


From If To When... (Noah POV, Luke/Noah, AU, song challenge)
From There To Here... (Luke POV, Luke/Noah, AU, song challenge)
From Once To Ever... (Luke/Noah POV, Luke/Noah, AU, song challenge)-- incomplete

Find Your Way Through Me (Luke/Noah, AU, NaNo Fic)

sets me down (in your warm arms) (Luke/Noah AU, hobo!Luke, prompt by [ profile] natashaodwalla)

as it fell (you rose to claim it) (Luke/Noah AU for [ profile] nukebigbang)

25 moments


Inked - prompt 14. tattoo
the strong will take you -prompt 03. jealousy


Prequel/Sequel Meme (Luke/Noah)



Caffeine Rush (post show AU)
Cleaning (post show AU)

Work In Progress

Say It Right (post show AU)



As We Go Along (Van/Jake, AU, for [ profile] nukebigbang)
tearing my seams - (Van/Jake Werewolf AU for [ profile] nukebigbang)
to this place (to you) - (Van/Jake AU for [ profile] nukebigbang)

Lights, Camera...(Van POV, AU)
Better (Jake POV, AU)
Five Ways Van and Jake Didn't Meet (And One Way They Did) (Van/Jake, AU)
Inspiration (Van POV)
And then that happened... (Van/Jake, written for [ profile] dirty30kinks4_t project, kink: sex pollen)

Work In Progress

-The Ellipsis series-

break this silence with... (Van/Jake, Future fic)
- heart to the limit (meet me halfway) (Van/Jake, prequel to break this silence with...)

-Hook Me Up series-

Take Me On The Floor (Van/Jake, RPF, AU - Hook Me Up series)


Prequel/Sequel Meme (Van/Jake)
Microfic Meme (Van/Jake)

Van/Jake Fanfic 100 Challenge

Touch of... (prompt 038. Touch)
Drink You In - Part One and Part Two -((prompt 039. Taste)
Circumference (prompt .044 Circle)
In Which Van and Jake Buy A Gift, Meet Two Fans and Blur the Lines (prompt 096. Shopping)

Kris Allen/Adam Lambert


Inside the Fortress of Solitude - (MPREG AU, for kradamadness round 8: snow)
crumble and fall (like an animal) - (Werewolf AU, for [ profile] kradambigbang)

Mark Zuckerburg/Eduardo Saverin


don't love you (but i always will) - (Depostion AU, TSN springfest)

Update: 10/03/13

* let's get out of this town (baby, we're on fire) - R, Eames/Arthur for [ profile] i_reversebang.

To-Do-List - Will cross off and add on as I go along.

List of tags

* - newest story
** - updated series
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